Rebecca Black Pokes Fun at Herself with “Saturday”


I think we all remember a few years ago – almost three years ago now – when a 13-year-old Rebecca Black gained infamy for her single “Friday,” dubbed by many as the “worst song ever.”  The song, pretty horrendous on its own, received an equally as horrendous video to accompany it.  Despite the fact that the song might be considered catchy, pretty much everything else about it is pretty bad.

At the time, Black was 13 and going to public school in Irvine, California.  Her mother paid Ark Music Factory $4,000 to write, produce, and release “Friday” with an accompanying video.  I think we can all agree that the product wasn’t so great.  The video received over 3,000,000 dislikes on Youtube.  Black even had to switch to homeschooling in April 2011 after receiving taunts from classmates and being a victim of bullying over the video.

Well, Rebecca Black is back.  With several failed attempts at releasing better quality singles, she might have finally got it right with this one.  She uploaded a video on Black Friday (punny, right?) citing how she feels about the “Friday” video over two and a half years later.  It showed that Black had gotten over the hate and was finally ready to poke fun at her situation.  It also acted as a shock to the public how much she’s changed over the past three years.  That’s right.  Black is now 16, and she’s left her awkward “Friday” phase behind.

Teaming up with Youtube star and fellow singer Dave Days, Black released “Saturday,” a sequel to “Friday,” on Saturday.  Now, when most people hear this, they probably reacted the same way I did.   “Are you serious?  Again?”  No, not again.  This time around, Rebecca did some things right.  For one, she got someone who can actually write and produce decent music.  Her vocals have improved and she doesn’t have to rely on the heavy autotune she’s used in the past.  And finally, she’s willing to make light of her situation and poke fun at “Friday” by making several references to the song.


I have to applaud anyone willing to do that.  Of course, there are still countless of comments on the video stating that the song is just as bad or even worse than “Friday,” but that would definitely have to be a false statement.  Granted, “Saturday” isn’t amazing.  It’s not Grammy-worthy or anything like that.  But it’s what it should be: a simple pop song… that doesn’t suck.  It works both as a satire on “Friday” and as a catchy pop tune.

Say what you want.  Try to be cool about it.  But there’s no denying that Rebecca Black has improved immensely with this new single over anything she’s released in the past, especially “Friday.”  Now as much as it pains me to hear about the suffering she’s had to deal with these past few years, I can’t bring myself to exactly feel bad for someone who’s mom handed over a bunch of cash in order for her to release a song as horrendous as “Friday.”  But it does definitely say something good about a person who’s willing to take a bad situation and turn it around.  Take a look at the video for “Saturday” below.


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