‘Back to the Future’ and Funny or Die’s ‘HUVr’ Board Hoax


Let me first start off by saying that Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Before you ask which one, I’m a fan of all three (although the first two are a lot better than the last).  Seeing Marty McFly fly around on a hover board in Robert Zemeckis’s totally off version of 2015 makes me happy.  I’m the guy who’s still desperately hoping there’s some sort of fourth Back to the Future and Zemeckis is able to pull it off.

In fact, that’s what I was looking for in the Funny or Die hoax that’s been sweeping the internet over the past few days.  Yesterday, a company called HUVr launched their website and an ad campaign for their line of hover boards.  A video for the boards on their website features Back to the Future‘s very own Doc Brown, Christopher Lloyd, exiting a DeLorean to announce the product.  Tony Hawk and musician Moby are among the people featured riding the boards in the video.

The fact of the matter is, this is obviously fake.  I think just looking at the video and the company’s website will tell you that.  If you look close enough, you’ll notice the strings being pulled on the boards in the video.  We’ve come a long way in the past thirty years since 1985’s original Back to the Future and I’d love to own a hover board of my own, but come on people.

First, don’t you think you’d hear something about this type of technology before an ad campaign is launched for the product?  Second, at the time that the video was released, media outlets were already deeming it as a hoax.  Even before we found out that Funny or Die was behind it.

In all honesty, I knew from the get-go that this wasn’t a real thing.  I was hoping it was a PR stunt for a new Back to the Future film.  It appears that I’m sadly wrong.  It would’ve been a nice PR stunt for even a new video game, a miniseries, a Back to the Future rerelease.  Anything really.  Instead it appears to be a useless stunt pulled by Funny or Die.

I’m not quite sure who to be more upset with: Funny or Die for doing this totally useless thing that doesn’t appear to benefit me (no BTTF announcements here) at all, or at the masses of people who are upset at Funny or Die because they actually believed the ad despite the fact that it was deemed a hoax to start with.

Oh well.  I guess I’ll just wallow in my sorrows tonight while watching Marty and Doc fly their DeLorean to 2015 – Robert Zemeckis’s version of 2015 that is.


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